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Founded in 1994 in Dublin, "The Laboratory of Living Arts" is a lifelong artistic project led by the artist Laurie Legrand. It focuses on questions such as the accountability of the artist in a culture made up of images, sound and stories as well as what makes an art work potent as a seed for a shift in awareness for both creator and viewer. Over the years her means of expression have varied from writing, painting and performance to street art and installations.

Laurie Legrand, born in Bruxelles/Belgium in 1974, has lived and worked in many countries around Europe but mainly in Ireland and Spain. She is an M.A. Fine Art graduate with Honours from St. Luc School of Art / Belgium, and has been a practicing artist as well as an art teacher since 1992. She is now permanently based in Cork/Ireland.

Acquisitions and Commissions:
The “Black Armour” sculpture was acquired for the Dahan Collection (Canada) in 1996.
PJ Lynch acquired “The Warrior” in 1998.
The drawing “Two boys” was acquired by Desmond Guinness's private Collection in 1999

The painting "Silencio" was commissioned by artist Glen Hansard for his new album "Rhythm and repose" in 2008




Solo Exhibitions & Interventions*

* Intervention: The active decision to alter a problematic situation creatively and positively, regardless of the medium used or personal profit as an artist.
2011 “Natural & Urban Worlds”, Painting and Installation, George IVth Library Edinburgh, Scotland
2009 “New Works”, Painting and Installation, private viewing at the artist's studio Berlin, Germany
2007 “PRE- Occupations artistiques” Installation, Intervention & Mural E.R.G, Bruxelles, Belgium
2006 “I will act as what I do makes a difference”, Performance Paris Metro, France
2005 “Protecting the little children”, Mural Travelling Community site, Mahon


“Homage to R.H”, Performance, A.R.C.O

Madrid, Spain

“Survive your Self” part I, Fem Art 2004 Festival, Mural and Performance, Ca La Dona

Barcelona, Spain
  “Winter gifts 04”, Installations Streets of Barcelona, Spain
2003 “Winter gifts 03”, Installations Streets of Barcelona, Spain
  “Surrender”, Performance Temple bar/city centre, Dublin

“New Works”, Painting, Juice

Dublin, Ireland

  “Mapping the Labyrinth” Performance Streets of Dublin

“Armours and Labyrinths”, Painting and Drawing, Chooseday Gallery

Dublin, Ireland

“The Laboratory of Living Arts”, Painting, The Front Lounge

Dublin, Ireland

1996 “Cartes et Labyrinthes”, Painting and Drawing, Galerie Pochodzenie Toulouse, France


Selected Group Exhibitions
2010 "Backwater 2010: a 20 years celebration of Backwater Artists Group studios", Crawford Art Gallery Cork, Ireland
2009 "Rebirth", Newtownbarry House Gallery Bunclody, Ireland
  “Open Studio”, Backwater Artists Group Cork, Ireland
2008 FAF “The Sensational and the Authentic” - Showcase Evening at The Lab. Dublin, Ireland

“Regards de femme” Maison des Cultures de Saint Gilles

Brussels, Belgium
2007 “24 hours non stop art”, Tigh Filí Cork, Ireland

Graduation show, Painting, Drawing and Etching, E.R.G

Brussels, Belgium

“Caravan Burlesca”, Painting, Galerie du moment

Brussels, Belgium

“Fem Art 2004”, Painting, Ca La Dona

Barcelona, Spain

“Exposició Collectiva”, Painting, Galeria Tau

Tarragona, Spain


“Go Gallery”, Painting, Go Gallery

Amsterdam, Holland


“Art Urbà - 8 de marzo”, Curator, Mural

Barcelona, Spain


“Consciencia Social”, Painting and Installation, Subaquatica,

Madrid, Spain

“Domini publi”, Painting

Calafell, Spain

“Mujeres y Violencia ”, Painting and Drawing

Madrid/Barcelona, Spain

“ The WSA Project” Performance with the artist “ With Title ”

Barcelona, Spain

“Gain+ : 3 pieces about love, respect and pride”, Installation, Visual Art in outdoor spaces, Fringe festival.

Dublin, Ireland


“Tango” (The Green Sweets), Painting and Drawing, Eamon Doran Gallery

Dublin, Ireland

“Industria Art 98 ”, Painting, Industria Art

Dublin, Ireland

“Group Show/Winter 98”, Painting and Drawing, Chooseday Gallery

Dublin, Ireland
1995-97 Permanent Collection, Painting and Drawing, Galerie Pochodzenie Toulouse, France



As an art practitioner as well as an art teacher, Laurie has over the past 2 decades, alternated work with formal studies and seminars, furthering her knowledge of Education, Art and Art Theory as well as in response to the demands of the constantly changing world of Education.

2016 Woodwork training St John's College, Cork
2014 DCEB - Start Your Own Business Programme National College of Ireland, IFSC, Dublin 1, Ireland
2013/14 Introduction to European Painting and Sculpture (seminars) Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
2008 Art History Certificate (2d Class Honour, Grade 1) UCC, Cork, Ireland

‘Visages de la Médiation', Mediation and Conflicts, New Artistic Disciplines (seminar)

J. Frank Cultural Centre, Bruxelles, Belgium

‘Art Contextuel et pratiques Documentaires' Contextual Art (seminars)

ISELP, Bruxelles, Belgium

‘Festival des Libertés', Urban Art & Contemporary Youth Subcultures (seminar)

Pathé Cultural centre, Bruxelles, Belgium
M.A. with Honours, Fine Art (and Bookbinding) Level 7 / EQF

E.R.G - St Luc, Bruxelles, Belgium

2003 ‘Educacio en les Arts Visuals' Art Education, Social changes, Cultural diversity (seminar) Fundacio «  la Caixa  » Barcelona, Spain

Ceramic and Sculpture Studies

Escuela Da Vinci, Barcelona, Spain

Creative Multimedia Production Skills and Internet Broadcasting Studies,.Arthouse / Institute of Commerce

Dublin, Ireland

Art and Design Studies, Crawford College of Art & Design

CIT, Cork, Ireland

Life Drawing and Still Life Studies, Académie de Dessin Peltriaux

Toulouse, France





Teaching Experience

Since 1994, Laurie has been teaching in Cultural Centres, Workshops and Schools as well as privately in various European countries, in English, French and Spanish.

Her courses and workshops cover a wide range of drawing, painting techniques and Medias, traditional subjects such as Book-binding, Life drawing, Still-life, Colour theory and Realistic Rendition, as well as more contemporary approaches such as Gesture or Abstract Mark Making, Murals, Street Art and Free Expression.
She is experienced in coaching students through projects of their choice as well as help aspiring Art School candidates to build a rich and informed Portfolio. As a Practicing Artist and Curator she guides a student or budding artist regarding exhibition and display techniques, how to advertise for a show and how to work with Life Models, Staff and Assistants.
As a young Art Historian, her lectures presents artists and artistic periods in a dynamic form, placing the artist in a geographical and socio-political context, sharing anecdotes and relevant artistic techniques on the subject while adapting the course accordingly to the level of the class.
Having often worked as a part of an Educational Body, she is used to working in a team, adapting to given programs, exploring the most appropriate educational methods and approaches suitable for mix or homogenous groups as well as individual students.

Provided Duties & Responsibilities for Art Schools and Art Centres

- Preparation, effective delivery and evaluation of course content.
- Adaptation of the content of each course according to the differing needs of each class/participant, considering that students come from a range of backgrounds and abilities.
- Adaptation of course content in accordance with School activities, Museum visits, School trips and personal projects.
- Development and adaptation of new tutoring techniques to make a course more accessible and inclusive.
- Support of learners, monitoring progression, identification of further learning needs and development of appropriate methodology.
- Development and employment of strategies for effective communication and negotiation.
- Care and organisation of resources and equipment
- Preparation of the classroom and art materials.

- Advertisement of workshops, events or activities by means of flyers, posters and via the Web.



1995 to present

French Teacher: Since 1994, I had the chance to teach French as a foreign language to students of all levels, ages and backgrounds, for professional and practical reasons as well as recreational purposes, both privately as well as for various European companies

Douglas Community College (Cork/Ireland), Marino College (Dublin/Ireland), Language Unlimited (Ireland), The Language Museum (Scotland), Brighton Idiomas, Charter Idiomas (Spain) ...
2016 to present Workshop leader - Arts and Crafts for all ages Cork Public Libraries, Cork, Ireland
2016 to present Workshop facilitator for Children - Preparation of the content of workshops in accordance to the exhibition at The Lewis Glucksman Gallery. Private sessions,


Life drawing and Painting Marathons (5 days) - Drawing Techniques, Colour theory applied to Life Drawing and Painting with models. Creation and Management of the Workshops

Kennedy's Art & Sons, Dublin, Ireland
2014/16 Silk Work Club - Creation and presentation of Workshops based on the current exhibitions, for children and young adults Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland
2012/15 One day workshops - Drawing Techniques, Colour theory applied in Painting - Bookbinding for beginners. Creation and Management of the Workshops. Kennedy's Art & Sons, Dublin, Ireland
2010/12 Art and Bookbinding Teacher - Bookbinding, Life drawing, painting techniques. Creation and Management of the Workshops. Private sessions, Edinburgh, Scotland
2010 | 2015

Art History / Art Appreciation Teacher - Evening classes, adults and young adults. In 2010, I wrote a specific course which would not only further a students' understanding of the major periods of Western Art History and its artists, but also the influence these movements have on our present sense of aesthetic and definition of Art.

Students develop constructive, analytical and critical views on Art, placing it in an historical, social and cultural context. They are exposed to other art practices taking place simultaneously in the rest of the world, as well as excellent numerous female artists from these specific movements often overlooked by mainstream art history books.

As an art teacher , I am also able to give to students tools for a better understanding of the techniques used by the artists, how their very properties (innovative or restrictive) might have influenced the conception of an art work at the time, but also factors such as philosophical aesthetics, colour theory and symbolism.

Marino College, Dublin, Ireland

Edinburgh County Council / Adult Education. South Bridge Resource Centre, Edinburgh

2009/10 Art and Bookbinding - Bookbinding, Life drawing, painting techniques. Creation and Management of the Workshops. Der Grune Hund Workshops, Berlin, Germany
Sum. 09 Painting for Beginners - For children and young adults. Creation and Management of the Workshops. Private sessions, Belves, France
2009 Workshop facilitator for Children - Preparation of the content of workshops in accordance to the exhibition at The Lewis Glucksman Gallery. The Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork, Ireland
June 2005 Lecturer for Street Art Festival - “Murals as a part of Art in the Community” Cork 2005 Capital of Culture, Cork, Ireland
2003/05 Painting and Drawing for Beginners - Art classes for adults Centro Cultural i Civico Matas I Ramis, Barcelona, Spain
2000 Primary school teacher's assistant, arts and craft Lucan Multi-denomination School, Lucan, Ireland
1996/98 Life Drawing and Painting - Creation and Management of the Workshops. Temple Bar Life drawing workshops, Dublin, Ireland
1995 Assistant Art Therapist to Mr Ron Melling, Community Centres and Secondary Schools Crawford College, Cork, Ireland
1994-95 Art Teacher, Life Drawing for medical students Private sessions, Cork, Ireland