Natural and Urban Worlds: New Mythologies - Installation

Central Library, Edinburgh, 2011

E.R.G/ PRE-Occupations artistiques - Mural/Installation/Intervention

E.R.G School of Art, Bruxelles, 2007



Mahon - Mural/Collaboration

In March 2005, I proposed my services as a painter to Louise Harrington who was working on a project with few Traveller Families from Mahon.

Ireland, March 2005


O.N.G/Ovejas Negras, is dead - Installation/Performance

All things alive one day must die, we burried O.N.G in a field of wild flowers. (The end of "Los Años Dorados")

Barcelona, 2005

Movies & Publications



Female Boxers and the representation of Woman in Public Space - Street Art


Ovejas Negras (ONG) - Collaboration


Street Art and Murals in Public Space


Caravana Burlesco - Exhibition/Installation

Galerie du Moment, Bruxelles, 2005


I will act as what I do makes a difference oo+ - Performance

Paris, 2006

The Laboratory of Living Arts + "With Title" v.s ARCO

The theme for ARCO 2004 was African Art, so with the collaboration of the artist "With Title" from Ghana...

Madrid, 2004


Winter Gifts - Intervention

Fervent supporter of recycling, I decided to leave clothing, parcels of food and useful recycled objects in various spots in the city for the ones looking for shelter and company during the cold months of Winter.

Barcelona, Winter 2003/2004

Surrender - Performance

Carrying an open heart on my skin for a week as a sign of surrender and unconditional love.

Dublin, May 2003


The Road

Here the Road is presented as a tiled path leading to places of beauty or inspiration, but also to places where conversations or decisions took place...

Barcelona, Spring 2000


Mapping the Labyrinth II

Messages are left in crowded places, with silent hand gestures or with chalk on wet pavement.

Dublin, April 1999



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