Labyrinths, Maps and Armours / The Road 1996 - 2007

The first cohesive thread which appeared in the work was the sincere attempt to answer the questions: "Why do I feel what I feel and see what I see? Why do I experience these visions and how can I learn from them, for they cause me as much pain as they cause me awe."

The maps were of the Labyrinth I understood the world to be. But like Borges' descriptions, which influenced my ideas at the time, I knew it was made of illusions, yet I was determined to find a key to the patterns, a key to the systems at play.

The Fish is the Alchemical student, going through the waters of knowledge (many Alchemical symbols were used in the work).

The Armour is a protection for the journey. It can be made of an infinity of things.. for the journey is complex.
The Sword Tree came from my belief that at the centre of the world was a source for everything: the "Immovable mover" of Greek Philosophy. And that this source could direct us, re-align us and revive us. The Sword was a symbol for a compass as well as willpower.
Representations of the "Shifts" which haunted me since puberty, started to appear in the work as well, depicting the states I was in when I had visions.
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Leaving the Labyrinth VII- 1998
Drowning - 1996
The Green Sweets - 1998
The Golden Boat - 1998

Leaving the Labyrinth II - 1997
Armour II - 1997
Armour III - 1998
Armour I - 1997
Leaving the Labyrinth VIII- 1998
Attempt to take flight, cover - 1997
Attempt to take flight, page 5 - 1997
Map II & IIV - 1997
Leaving the Labyrinth I - 1997
White day - 1997
Red day - 1997
Armours I, II & III - 1997-98
Leaving the Labyrinth V- 1997
Sword Tree - 1997
Sword Tree II- 1998
Sword Tree III - 1999
Leaving the Labyrinth IV - 1997
Little Souls (in the blood) - 2007
Little Souls (in the sky) - 2007
Keys - 2003
Leaving the Labyrinth - 2003
Lilith / tail - 2007
Lilith / wing - 2007
Lilith - 2007
OO+ - 2003
OO+ - 2006
Woman / Man - 2006
July - 2006



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